Majestic Oaks Kennel

Majestic Oaks Kennel is a full service training and breeding facility founded in 1978 by Carl and Carol Nelson.  We are located in Zimmerman, MN, approximately 35 miles north of Minneapolis along Hwy 169.

We have been breeding and training dogs since 1978.  Through selective breeding our goal has been to breed the finest hunting dog: one with the best nose; a strong desire; trainability; and good looks so you can be proud to own.  We have been selective in choosing ideal temperaments so your dog can be a family pet as well as a hunting dog.

Our dogs have the versatility to be used in other capacities.  One example is use on the Minneapolis Transit Police Dept. as bomb squad dogs. The dog must pass hundreds of tests to be approved.  One test is for their nose.  A dog can be taken to an unfamiliar site, such as an office, clothing store, or repair shop, and has 15 seconds to “sniff out” and locate an explosive powder, a lesser amount of powder than used in a shot gun shell… Just imagine that nose after a pheasant!




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